About the course

The Darley Jockey Training Programme is a six-week course which takes place at the British Racing School in the home of horseracing, Newmarket.

Jockeys will be selected by Darley and British Racing School representatives, who will observe the riding skills of prospective candidates.

Candidates will also be required to meet the following criteria:

• Will be confident around horses.
• Will have ridden horses previously at least at a trot, but not necessarily “short”.
• Are committed to improving their riding.
• Have some basic stable management skills.
• Are under 60kgs.

The course is split into four main stages:

• Induction and basic assessment, including simulator and fitness training.
• Fundamentals of race riding, horse care and stable management
• Advanced riding skills
• Work experience with local trainers

Trainees will also have the opportunity to visit and learn more about Darley and HH Sheikh Mohammed`s breeding and racing operations in Newmarket. They will attend some leading horse racing events in the area and will gain an overview of the racing industry in Newmarket.

The cost of the program, including travel to the UK, meals and accommodation will be met by Darley.

By the end of the course, trainees are expected to have significantly improved their riding and stable management skills, with the aim of progressing to advanced jockey training in the future.

A graduation ceremony will be held in Beijing once the course has been completed.