Educational seminars

In 2014, Darley organised and sponsored their first educational event for Chinese horse owners and breeders in association with the Chinese Equestrian Association (CEA) and Beijing Turf Equestrian Association (BTEA).

More than 100 guests, including the General Secretary of CEA and the Chairman of BTEA, attended the event at which Dr Andrew Edgar spoke on a broad range of topics, focusing on pregnant mares and young foals.

Later in 2014, a second seminar was held with equine nutritionist Dr Steve Jackson addressing a group of owners and breeders. Dr Jackson covered the fundamental requirements for the nutritional development of horses. This included discussion of types of forage and factors affecting nutritional intake for all types of horses.

This year, the first event is planned for early March and renowned farrier Simon Curtis will speak on the importance of the role of the farrier in the development of sports horses, including prevention and treatment of problems.

Once again, over 100 guests are expected at this seminar, which will aim to offer theory together with practical advice, plus the opportunity for guests to have their questions answered.

In addition to providing an educational service for horse owners and those working in the equine industry, Darley’s seminars also aim to strengthen ties with Chinese associations responsible for equestrian events.