Are there any fees?

DESS is fully funded by Darley, HH Sheikh Mohammed’s international thoroughbred breeding operation. Our aim is to offer initiatives that are of long-term benefit to the development of thoroughbred breeding and racing in China. No application fee or any other kind of fee is needed.

What is the value of the scholarship?

Successful students will each be awarded RMB 15,000, which is to be used to cover tuition and living expenses during their final year of university. Please note that we will not ask the winners to carry out any internship or other work for Darley in return for the scholarship.

How are the successful candidates selected? Will there be a test or interview?

Applicants must complete the application form in Word format which must be returned to the following email address dess@darleychina.com. Darley will select applicants based on the answers they provide on this form, questions include background and future ambitions, GPA and class rank, plus the required equestrian club placement report. 

When is the deadline for application in 2017?

The deadline for applications is 7th December.