An interview with new DITI intern Huang Weiji

Huang Weiji is currently studying veterinary medicine at South China Agricultural University and will join the fifth intake of DITI after his graduation.

With only a few weeks left before he embarks on his DITI journey, we spoke to him about why he applied for the programme.

1. How did you learn about the DITI programme?

A year ago, I was at an information session about the Dubai Equine Science Scholarship and the speaker mentioned the DITI program. I was very interested to hear about it, so got some further details about this programme from my friends and the Darley China official website.

2. Why did you apply for the DITI programme?

I love horses, racing and the equine industry. My aim is to work in the industry in the future and I believe the knowledge that I can gain from the DITI programme will be a great step towards achieving this ambition. I also think it will improve other skills such as leadership, teamwork and language skills.

3. How did you prepare before making your application?

First of all, as I was studying veterinary medicine, I tried to learn as much as I could about equine diseases, carried out more practical work with horses and attended as many equine-related lectures as possible.

I also tried to study the equine industry from a different perspective, not just the veterinary aspect but also racing and the economics of and investment within the industry.

Finally, I made a big effort to improve my English.

4. Did you have any previous experience with horses or animals?

I am a student at South China Agricultural University and as my major is veterinary medicine, I have had plenty of experience with horses and animals. I also completed internships in Inner Mongolia and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. I learned to ride during my time in Inner Mongolia.

5. How did you feel when you found out you had been offered a place on the DITI programme?

I was delighted! It was such a pleasure to be selected.

I did feel a little stressed because DITI will be a challenge for me. I also thought of those candidates who didn’t get an offer. I must ensure I do well during my time with DITI and live up to my alma mater’s reputation. I also hope I can set a good example to my friends who want to apply for DITI in the future.

Finally, I am excited about DITI. I believe my delight at being accepted and excitement will make me do better during my time on the programme.

6. How do your family and friends feel about your decision to apply for DITI, are they supportive?

Thanks to Darley’s great reputation and good publicity such as the interns’ blog and interviews with DITI graduates, my family and friends have a full understanding of what DITI is and what I can get from the programme. So they are very supportive of my decision. They hope I will cherish the opportunity and study and work hard.

7. Do you have any plans or expectations for your upcoming DITI experience?

First of all, I want to know more about the equine industry from a different perspective. I would like to go Japan to see a more mature and developed equine industry and learn from them. I am also interested in horse welfare and hope I can learn more about that in Japan.

I am looking forward to visiting Dubai. I hope I can learn more about the culture and the reason why Dubai is so successfully led by HH Sheikh Mohammed.

Finally, I hope to make some friends who love horses as much as me, who can offer advice and share ideas to help me realise my ambition of working in the equine industry.