An interview with DITI graduate Jasmine Zeng

Jasmine Zeng was a veterinary student in Sydney University before joining the fourth intake of DITI in 2015. She graduated in 2016 as the top of the class. After graduation from DITI, Jasmine started to work for The Hong Kong Jockey Club based in Hong Kong. We had a talk with her about her recent updates.

Why did you apply for DITI?
I was interested in horses during my study at the university. As a veterinary graduate, I continuously seek opportunities to further expand my knowledge about horses and apply the skills I learnt from university. I was also hoping that the programme would broaden my personal network and equip myself for future employment. Moreover, I wanted to take this opportunity to explore different countries and cultures.

What was your most memorable experience from the DITI programme?
There are many unforgettable moments from the programme such as participating in the mare sale, assisting with foaling and watching the Dubai World Cup. To me, the most memorable one must be the day when I watched Lynx, our home-bred horse win his debut. It was a great honor to be in the winner’s circle and have winning photos taken.

What do you miss about your DITI placement location?
I was lucky to be allocated to Japan, a place that I had longed to visit. I miss the food, the flowers, the snow, the hotspring, the places I visited, and most importantly the horses and people I met and worked with there.

What have you done since the DITI graduation?
Since graduation, I have been working in the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) in Hong Kong (HK). I also met the new interns at their graduation ceremony, and did some travelling in my own time.

Tell us about your current job and the daily activities involved with it.
Currently I am working in the pharmacy of the Equine Hospital of HKJC. I am not working as a veterinarian because I would like to learn more about administration and management.

The Equine Hospital takes care of all the horse population in HK. Therefore, all medications for horses in HK are dispensed from the pharmacy I work in. Major daily pharmacy operations include dispensary, preparation of medications, and maintenance of stocks. Occasionally I work in the Equine Hospital clinic and assist with ultrasound, shockwave and other diagnostic procedures.

I am also deeply involved in HKJC’s Conghua Training Centre programme, with my main focus on licensing for the Department of Veterinary Clinical Services.

How does your DITI experience help you with your current job?
DITI helps me in two ways. First, it helped me get into the thoroughbred industry. I became more familiar with the industry, and started to know more seniors in this industry who gave me support and useful advice for my current job. Secondly, it helps me improve my skills in various areas like horse handling, interpersonal, communication and task management, all of which are essential for my career.