2017 DITI interns graduate in Hong Kong

Witnessed by family and friends, the latest group of 20 DITI interns graduated in Hong Kong on 13 April.

The class of 2017 commenced their DITI training with a two-week induction to the course at the Shanghai Jockey Club in July last year. The interns then explored the global thoroughbred industry in their placement countries of the UK, Ireland, Australia and Japan, before reuniting again in Dubai.

Through DITI, the interns gained an exclusive insight into the global thoroughbred breeding and racing industry and a better understanding of Dubai and UAE.

DITI manager Sidney Tam said, ” The class of 2017 has shown great attitude while exploring the overseas thoroughbred industry during the past ten months. They have overcome difficult tasks both individually and collectively during the programme and have achieved a very high standard. We believe that every graduate of the 2017 class has a bright future ahead of them.”

The 2016-2017 DITI programme will be the last in its current format. Students with a similar background who are seeking a career in thoroughbred industry will have the opportunity to apply for internships at Godolphin farms worldwide. More information about these internships will be released in September 2017.

For more information about DITI, please visit www.darleychina.com