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An interview with DITI graduate Jasmine Zeng

Jasmine Zeng was a veterinary student in Sydney University before joining the fourth intake of DITI in 2015. She graduated in 2016 as the top of the class. After graduation from DITI, Jasmine started to work for The Hong Kong Jockey Club based in Hong Kong. We had a talk with her about her recent updates.

An interview with new DITI intern Zhou Qiuling

Zhou Qiuling from Sun Yat-sen University is currently undertaking the DITI induction in Shanghai with the other 2016 interns. With only a few days left before she flies to the UK for her placement, we talked to her about her DITI story so far.

DITI In Dubai 2016

During the three week visit to Dubai, DITI coordinator, Stuart Sumner took lots of great pictures of the 2015/2016 interns. He even made a short video with the pictures as a gift to the interns. This video has been popular among the DITI alumni so we decided to share it with everyone, let’s have a look…