Back Row: (from left to right): Duan Ran, Han Lu, Zhao Yachen, Sidney Tam, Joe Osborne, Li Jingjiang, Lu Jiaqi, Dai Ruoxin, Xu Zhengyang, Li Ruiguang, Huang Weiji, Liao Ruixi

Front row (from left to right): Muliu Chenlu, Fang Beibei, Zhong Liling, You Xiaowei, Chen Wenkai, Zhou Qiuling, Qin Nan, Lu Bingqiu, Tang Shanshan, Feng Xuequ


Ruoxin Dai (Crystal)

Graduated: Wuhan University

Degree: Bachelor of Economics in International Economics and Trade

“The DITI programme has been such an amazing experience which has not only provided me with an extraordinary insight into the international thoroughbred industry, but has also equipped me with  professional business and leadership skills. I really appreciate the unforgettable time that we worked on the farm, watched the racing, talked with the professionals in the industry and experienced the incredible Dubai.”

Shanshan Tang (Rosa)

Graduated: Wuhan Business University

Degree: Currently studying for her Master’s in Equine Management

“DITI provided me with a precious chance to study and develop myself. It has been a great honour to gain knowledge of all aspects of the international thoroughbred industry and understand the meaning of the hard work  for everyone involved with horses. We have also learned a lot about business, economics and leadership.”

Weiji Huang (Kero)

Graduated: South China Agricultural University

Degree: Bachelor of Agriculture in Veterinary Medicine

“I have gained professional knowledge of the thoroughbred industry and business skills from the DITI programme. These will help me to reach my career goal. DITI has widened my horizons. Being based in Japan, I also experienced the diligence and meticulousness of the Japanese people. Finally, I am very grateful to every person and every horse I met in DITI. They will motivate me to keep going forward.”

Wenkai Chen (Kay)

Graduated: Durham University

Degree: Masters of Translation Studies

“DITI has definitely been a once in a lifetime experience for me, where I gained hands-on experience ranging from assisting with foalings to showing horses at the sales. Working with horses and horseman has enlightened me to take a road less travelled in the thoroughbred industry and that will make all the difference.”

Xiaowei You (Vivian)

Graduated: Beihang University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English Translation

“I have had the most wonderful 10 months working with lovely people and horses. I was very lucky being able to learn the best practices in animal-related industries from dedicated experts. The DITI programme has not only helped me to better understand horses but also myself.”

Xuequ Feng (Phoenix)

Graduated: Renmin University of China

Degree: Bachelor of Management in Human Resources Management

“DITI has really changed me a lot. It is amazing how much I have learned about the Australian thoroughbred industry. It hasn't just been about approaching a different industry, this was also a unique experience to step into a new world, to embrace the diversity, to create life-long memories, to challenge oneself with possibilities, to make good friends and learn from different individuals.”