Back Row: (from left to right): Duan Ran, Han Lu, Zhao Yachen, Sidney Tam, Joe Osborne, Li Jingjiang, Lu Jiaqi, Dai Ruoxin, Xu Zhengyang, Li Ruiguang, Huang Weiji, Liao Ruixi

Front row (from left to right): Muliu Chenlu, Fang Beibei, Zhong Liling, You Xiaowei, Chen Wenkai, Zhou Qiuling, Qin Nan, Lu Bingqiu, Tang Shanshan, Feng Xuequ


Lu Han (Luna)

Graduated: Nankai University

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

“Before DITI, I wasn't comfortable around horses, but now I'm confident to handle even the most difficult yearlings. For a city person, it has been quite exciting but also a challenge to live on the farm for a long time. I have a great sense of achievement after overcoming these challenges. I will never forget the fresh air,  the horses and the sincere Irish people.”

Nan Qin (Nancy)

Graduated: Tsinghua University

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

“A surprising and unforgettable experience. This 10-month programme presented the thoroughbred industry, UK culture  and the big picture of Dubai comprehensively to me.”

Qiuling Zhou (Belinda)

Graduated: Sun Yat-sen University

Degree: Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting

“DITI for me has not been a gap year - it has been a remarkable ride. The education and experience from DITI will benefit me for a life time. I have learned about where I can improve and how to be a better teammate thanks to DITI. I will enjoy and cherish  every encounter and enlightening talk from my time in the UK and my passion for horse racing will never fade away.”

Ran Duan (Daniel)

Graduated: Durham University

Degree: Masters of Translation Studies

“Everybody talks about the uniqueness of this programme, but my wish is that one day when people are talking about DITI, rather than that’s exotic and different, everyone will say, “ohhh I know that horse programme” or “I go to race meetings sometimes” or “I heard that covering fee of the top stallion is around a quarter of a million euros”. We have seen the charm of this sport of Kings , now our mission is to pass on the experience and excitement to more and more people.”

Ruiguang Li (RG)

Graduated: Fudan University

Degree: Bachelor of Law

“The biggest privilege in life is to learn without any economic burden. Thank you Sheikh Mohammed, thank you Godolphin and thank you DITI for providing us this opportunity to learn and grow.”

Ruixi Liao (Darren)

Graduated: Nanjing Tech University

Degree: International Trade

“I never expected so many different things to happen within just 10 months. DITI has given me a new view on life which has encouraged me to try something different and get out of my comfort zone. It has been everything about the thoroughbred industry and beyond. Without any doubt, it will stay in our memories forever and we will all  miss it.”