Back Row: (from left to right): Duan Ran, Han Lu, Zhao Yachen, Sidney Tam, Joe Osborne, Li Jingjiang, Lu Jiaqi, Dai Ruoxin, Xu Zhengyang, Li Ruiguang, Huang Weiji, Liao Ruixi

Front row (from left to right): Muliu Chenlu, Fang Beibei, Zhong Liling, You Xiaowei, Chen Wenkai, Zhou Qiuling, Qin Nan, Lu Bingqiu, Tang Shanshan, Feng Xuequ


Beibei Fang (Bonnie)

Graduated: Hainan University

Degree: Bachelor of Management Science

“DITI has given me the best internship experience imaginable in the thoroughbred industry in the UK, which has encouraged me to continue learning and devoting myself to the horse industry in China. During DITI, I have also gained friends as well as mentors, who have enriched my view of both life and career.”

Bingqiu Lu (Rebecca)

Graduated: Nanjing Agricultural University

Degree: Bachelor of Agriculture in Veterinary Medicine

“My 10 months in DITI has brought an incredible wealth of experiences to me. I have gained all-round industry knowledge from breeding to racing, improved my personal capabilities and business skills, and enjoyed the exotic cultures of Japan and the UAE. I have a great deal of gratitude toward Sheikh Mohammed for establishing such a professional educational programme for us and I hope in the future I can spread the spirit of horseracing in China to inspire the public as well.”

Chenlu Muliu (Monica)

Graduated: Renmin University of China

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

“Working with thoroughbreds is my most cherished memory. This ten-month experience has brought me much more than the exploration of a previously unknown industry. During my time with DITI, I have been able to observe and examine myself from a completely new perspective with like-minded friends.”

Jiaqi Lu (Gloria)

Graduated: Hong Kong Baptist University

Degree: Bachelor of Social Science in Communication

“The DITI programme offered me a chance to learn about the fascinating industry of horse racing and breeding. It also offered me the very special experience of living on a farm. A year ago, I could never image the life I experienced during the programme but now I feel so lucky to have been part of it. Thanks to all for the learning and practical opportunities DITI has provided, I have truly broadened my horizons and will embrace future opportunities.”

Jingjiang Li (Jason)

Graduated: Nanjing University

Degree: Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature

“During this eye-opening, life-changing ten months, I have had the chance to get to know an industry, a country and a spirit. I will treasure the lovely horses and people I have worked with. DITI has taught me both industry knowledge and common sense, business and life skills, for which I cannot be more grateful.”

Lilin Zhong (Christie)

Graduated: Sun Yat-sen University

Degree: Bachelor Degree of Literature in Spanish

“DITI has provided me with the most unique experience of my life. I will treasure my days working with the lovely horses in the stud and the excitement of the racecourse, all of which will never fade from my memory.”