From Left to Right

Back row: Hsu Shuo-Yen, Chen Ee-Ann,  Cao Mengsha, Yi Renshuai, Zhang Yuhui, Wang Tianjiao, Peng Cheng, Zhu Yilin

Front Row: Qin Xindi, Gong Yiyi, Du Yang, Zeng Ming, Lin Ziqi, Wu Han, Ma Ning, Wu Jingsi, Jiang Chang


Lin Ziqi (Michelle)

Graduated: Beijing Normal University Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC)

Degree: Statistics

“DITI has given me an insight into the 'whole life' of the thoroughbred. The experience of working with horses, enjoying an idyllic life and meeting all these amazing friends has made it an unforgettable experience.”

Ma Ning (Mani)

Graduated: Sun Yat-sen University

Degree: Tourism and Hospitality Management

“What has made DITI so significant for me is that it is simply so unique. My initial passion for horses has now grown into determination to have a career in the industry. DITI has cultivated my ability to bear the worst, and enjoy the best.”

Peng Cheng (Harold)

Graduated: Sun Yat-sen University

Degree: Finance

“The nine-month DITI Programme has enabled me to experience the "Chinese Educated Youth" life in the modern sense. It has been a movement from city to country. It has truly been a remarkable and heartwarming journey which I shall remember forever.”

Qin Xindi (Sindy)

Graduated: Yale University

Degree: East Asian Studies (Masters)

“There were things that I never pictured myself doing even in the wildest dreams. There are people whose life paths could have never crossed mine otherwise. But thanks to the DITI program, they have become my most cherished memories.”

Wang Tianjiao (Rex)

Graduated: Sun Yat-sen University

Degree: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

“I have gained new life vision and objective during the DITI programme. Working with thoroughbreds is a job that you must try in your lifetime.”

Wu Han (Yvonne)

Graduated: Inner Mongolian University

Degree: English Translation (Masters)

“DITI has been a real learning curve for me. It has shown me how unpredictable and yet wonderful the horse world is and so is our life. It has also taught me that nothing will stop you if you try to accomplish all that you can with passion, courage and persistence”.