(From Left to right)
In the back row:
Chen Yang, Yu Yao-te, Wang Yueyue, Huang Ruowei, Ouyang Yanhong , Wang Zaoying, Lin Zheshu, Zhao Liang, Li Wen, Lam Chun Fai, Wang Lijing, Wang Ziwei, Wang Rui

In the front row:
He Na, Jiang Liuyu, Yin Xinan, Weng Chen, Yu Jing, Li Xinyu, Chen Shiyu, Tan Zhuoqun, Yang Xuan, Hu Yuemeng

Wang Lijing (Ann)

Graduated: Fudan University & Kobe University

Degree: International Relations & Economics (Masters)

"Whether you are familiar with horses or not, this programme opens a door for you to see a new and exciting world. I have gained not only general horse knowledge and hands-on experience, but have also met industry experts and lifetime friends. DITI is a unique experience."

Wang Rui (Rui)

Graduated: Peking University

Degree: Korean

"I have gained a great overview of the whole thoroughbred industry during my time with DITI and have experienced many new things. DITI has provided me with a completely different life for ten months and will certainly open doors for me in the future."

Wang Yueyue (Wendy)

Graduated: University of Manchester

Degree: Intercultural Communication (Masters)

"Applying for DITI was the best decision I have ever made and has been a fantastic, unforgettable adventure. As well as the extensive practical experience I have gained, our visit to Dubai was a very special experience."

Wang Zaoying (Zoey)

Graduated: University of Edinburgh

Degree: Operational Research (Masters)

"Although each of the interns had enjoyed success in other areas before starting DITI, we were all beginners when stepping into the world of the thoroughbred ten months ago. Since then we have grown immeasurably and DITI provided us with the best chance possible to learn about the life of the racehorse."

Wang Ziwei (Joana)

Graduated: Beijing Foreign Studies University

Degree: Simultaneous Interpretation (Masters)

"DITI gave me a fantastic insight into Sheikh Mohammed’s vision of the global thoroughbred industry, with an increasing focus on China. I also acquired many news skills, from handling horses to training techniques to veterinary knowledge. On a personal level, I have improved my leadership, goal-setting and communication skills and am clear on my professional goals for the future.

If you would like to get a closer look at the “sport of kings”, while improving yourself on both a personal and professional level, plus make friends all over the world the DITI is for you."

Weng Chen(Chen)

Graduated: Fudan University

Degree: Philosophy

"DITI has enabled me to progress from being a student to a professional. The thoroughbred industry is very exciting and the hands-on horse experience is something I will never forget."