(From Left to right)
In the back row:
Chen Yang, Yu Yao-te, Wang Yueyue, Huang Ruowei, Ouyang Yanhong , Wang Zaoying, Lin Zheshu, Zhao Liang, Li Wen, Lam Chun Fai, Wang Lijing, Wang Ziwei, Wang Rui

In the front row:
He Na, Jiang Liuyu, Yin Xinan, Weng Chen, Yu Jing, Li Xinyu, Chen Shiyu, Tan Zhuoqun, Yang Xuan, Hu Yuemeng

Lam Chun Fai (Sun)

Graduated: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Degree: Computer Science

"The last ten months have been a wonderful, life-changing journey. I have gained practical horse knowledge, an understanding of the industry and have also experienced working in a multicultural environment.

If you are interested in working in the global thoroughbred industry, DITI will certainly help you to pursue your goal."

Li Wen (Cocoa)

Graduated: University of Westminster

Degree: Interpreting (Masters)

"Over the past ten months, our horizons have widened beyond recognition. Throughout my DITI experience, from starting as a complete novice to becoming proficient at many new skills, it has been clear that this is a programme which invests in its people, teaches them and is always pushing them to achieve more."

Li Xinyu (Precious)

Graduated: Royal Agricultural University

Degree: Business Management (Equine Studies, Masters)

"It has been a great honour to be a trainee on the DITI programme. The last ten months have provided me with extensive knowledge, cultural insights and the opportunity to pursue a new career path."

Lin Zheshu (Vincent)

Graduated: Xiamen University

Degree: Financial Management

"During my ten months on the DITI programme I have learned about every aspect of thoroughbred breeding and racing. I have learned how to care for horses from the moment they are born to when they go to their trainers. Based in England, I was also able to visit Ireland and of course Dubai which provided a great insight into the global thoroughbred industry and broadened my horizons greatly."

Ouyang Yanhong (Kristine)

Graduated: Beijing Normal University Hong Kong Baptist University United International College

Degree: Public Relations and Advertising

"DITI has been a great platform which has enabled me to work with some of the most talented young Chinese graduates from a diverse background. It has been a great chance to challenge myself while learning about a totally different but fascinating industry with an industry leading company."

Tan Zhuoqun (Elizabeth)

Graduated: Fudan University

Degree: Biological Sciences

"DITI has not only provided me with extensive knowledge of the international equine industry, but has also equipped me with the skills to step into the business world. This is in addition to the many cultural experiences I gained during my time in Japan and Dubai.

The lectures we received during the course also provided us with the opportunity to meet various industry professionals, from whom I learned a great deal."