(From Left to right)
In the back row:
Chen Yang, Yu Yao-te, Wang Yueyue, Huang Ruowei, Ouyang Yanhong , Wang Zaoying, Lin Zheshu, Zhao Liang, Li Wen, Lam Chun Fai, Wang Lijing, Wang Ziwei, Wang Rui

In the front row:
He Na, Jiang Liuyu, Yin Xinan, Weng Chen, Yu Jing, Li Xinyu, Chen Shiyu, Tan Zhuoqun, Yang Xuan, Hu Yuemeng

Chen Shiyu (Lenorld)

Graduated: Shandong University

Degree: Journalism

"DITI is a fantastic life experience that forces you out of your comfort zone and helps you to develop as a person. The best part for me was working with the horses and I enjoyed every moment I spent on the stud."

Chen Yang (Yang)

Graduated: University of Aberdeen

Degree: Economics-Finance

"If you would like to pursue a career in thoroughbred racing, this programme is for you. I have learned about how the industry has developed over the centuries, the cultural uniqueness of Ireland and the marvellous advancement of Dubai. While in Dubai we had the opportunity to appreciate the splendour of the city, with an insider view into many of Dubai’s home-grown businesses under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed."

He Na (Helen)

Graduated: China Agricultural University

Degree: Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction (Masters)

"Without DITI, I would never have seen the level of horse racing I have now experienced. My equine husbandry skills have developed considerably and I have enjoyed learning about the history and development of both the thoroughbred industry and Dubai. DITI is a fantastic platform for anyone wishing to start a career in breeding and racing."

Hu Yuemeng (Carrie)

Graduated: John Hopkins University

Degree: Finance (Masters)

"DITI is a totally unique experience. I will never forget the feeling I had when I delivered my first foal, or excitement at watching a favourite horse pass the finish line first. Taking care of thoroughbreds requires tremendous attention to detail and patience and DITI has taught us the very best in equine husbandry.

DITI is no doubt an opportunity of a lifetime for Chinese graduates who love horses and are eager to learn about the thoroughbred industry. It provides you with the chance to learn from the best in the industry. This 10-month experience was certainly a feast of the thoroughbred and horse racing industry."

Huang Ruowei (Rowena)

Graduated: University of Southampton

Degree: Accounting and Management

"DITI is a programme with great vision. It offers not only a unique learning experience at a world-class standard, but also international business training. I would recommend that anyone considering a career in the thoroughbred industry should seize this opportunity."

Jiang Liuyu (Jasmine)

Graduated: Beijing Foreign Studies

Degree: Arabic Language and Literature

"For me, spending time with the horses and seeing them grow from foals to racehorses was a great opportunity. I have made many friends and have learned a lot about the horse racing and breeding industry. Applying for this course is something I will never regret."