The name of the interns are (From Left to Right):

Lin Zhu, Qifei Zhu, Qinhua Guo, Hengyi Zhang, Nian Zhang,
Hanfeng Zhang, Shenzhan Wang, Longchao Huang, Qing Chen,
Chun Tian, Mengze Gao, Xiaoxue Zhou, Xu Hong, Hao Li, Huihui Li, Benliang Shi, Haotian Dong, Dianyun Wen, Wei Zhou, Aijing Liu,
Ding Gao & Xiurui Cui.

Zhou Wei

Graduated: Nanjing Agricultural University

Degree: Veterinary Medicine

“DITI helped me to gain a broad understanding of the thoroughbred industry as well as teaching me how to work in an international environment.”

Zhu Lin

Graduated: Delft University of Technology

Degree: Biomedical Engineering (Master)

"DITI provided me with a unique opportunity for self-development.  Throughout this programme, I have broadened my horizons and become more confident."


Zhu Qifei

Graduated: Newcastle University

Degree: MA Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management

"I am really proud of becoming a DITI graduate.  I found it was a unique experience that helped broaden my vision and enhance my career prospects comprehensively.  Dubai, Darley, the thoroughbred industry and all the great people I worked with are wonderful assets for me in the future and I will always label myself as a professional horseman."