The name of the interns are (From Left to Right):

Lin Zhu, Qifei Zhu, Qinhua Guo, Hengyi Zhang, Nian Zhang,
Hanfeng Zhang, Shenzhan Wang, Longchao Huang, Qing Chen,
Chun Tian, Mengze Gao, Xiaoxue Zhou, Xu Hong, Hao Li, Huihui Li, Benliang Shi, Haotian Dong, Dianyun Wen, Wei Zhou, Aijing Liu,
Ding Gao & Xiurui Cui.

Wang Shenzhan

Graduated: Beijing Foreign Studies University; University of Louisville

Degree: Finance

“DITI has strengthened my determination to start a career in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry by providing such wonderfully unique theoretical and practical training. I will cherish all the happy memories with the beautiful horses and the kind people I met at Darley.”

Wen Dianyun

Graduated: Peking University

Degree: Environmental Science and Engineering

“DITI has opened many doors for me and I am now able to look at the world from a totally different perspective.”

Xiaoxue Zhou

Graduated: Renmin University of China

Degree: Russian Language and Literature

“From daily horse management to business analysis, DITI provided me with so many opportunities to apply my academic knowledge to practical work in the real business world.  DITI graduates can be key players in developing the Chinese horse industry, which is still in its developing stage.”

Zhang Hanfeng

Graduated: Xiamen University

Degree: Economics and Sociology

“DITI provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about the thoroughbred industry.  It combined work-based management training and hands-on leadership.”


Zhang Hengyi

Graduated: Sichuan University/San Diego State University

Degree: English/Hospitality and Tourism Management and Communications

"During my time on the DITI programme, I have become a horse lover and a horse racing fan. But more importantly, it has broadened my horizon, helped me improve my intercultural communication skills and taught me to be professional, which are key attributes for anyone in business."

Zhang Nian

Graduated: Hartpury College

Degree: Sports Management (Master)

“I gained valuable horse racing experience through the DITI programme, as well as experiencing a new culture while living in the southern hemisphere.”