The name of the interns are (From Left to Right):

Lin Zhu, Qifei Zhu, Qinhua Guo, Hengyi Zhang, Nian Zhang,
Hanfeng Zhang, Shenzhan Wang, Longchao Huang, Qing Chen,
Chun Tian, Mengze Gao, Xiaoxue Zhou, Xu Hong, Hao Li, Huihui Li, Benliang Shi, Haotian Dong, Dianyun Wen, Wei Zhou, Aijing Liu,
Ding Gao & Xiurui Cui.

Huang Longchao

Graduated: University College London

Degree: Comparative Business Economics (Master)

“My communication skills in a multi-cultural environment and business reporting skills have dramatically improved during the DITI programme.  During the two-week visit to Dubai, the programme provided me with a unique opportunity to explore the story of Dubai and to meet great industry leaders which inspired me to contribute to the future development of Dubai-China relationships.”

Li Hao

Graduated: Beijing Foreign Studies University

Degree: English

"My vision has been amplified by DITI.  The ten-month experience is invaluable and I trust it will turn into something powerful in my career path in the future ."

Li Huihui

Graduated: Peking University

Degree: Genetics (Master)

“It was an honour to be selected for the DITI programme.  It provided me with a great opportunity to learn and practice thoroughbred breeding and daily management, as well as attending industry events such as race meetings and bloodstock sales.  I am proud to now be part of this industry.”

Liu Aijing

Graduated: Sichuan Agriculture University/University of Queensland

Degree: Animal Science (Master)

"DITI was a unique opportunity for us to learn about the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry which has a rich history.  Although I had studied equine science at University and worked with horses for several years before joining this programme, I always found new knowledge and exciting experiences during my internship. The 10-month programme led me to a whole new world, which I will be obsessed with for the rest of my life."

Shi Benliang

Graduated: Peking University

Degree: Nuclear Technology and Applications

“Through DITI, I was able to gain valuable overseas work experience.  It allowed me to broaden my horizon and without any doubt has been extremely beneficial to my career.  The days we spent on the beautiful Darley Australia farms with my colleagues and the horses will be memories I will keep for a long time.”

Tian Chun

Graduated: Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Degree: English (Translation)

“DITI provided me with an opportunity to develop my career in the general horse sports industry in China. The 10-month programme added an international flavour to my work CV. The experience and knowledge put me into a good position to work with my international colleagues in equestrian clubs.”