The name of the interns are (From Left to Right):

Lin Zhu, Qifei Zhu, Qinhua Guo, Hengyi Zhang, Nian Zhang,
Hanfeng Zhang, Shenzhan Wang, Longchao Huang, Qing Chen,
Chun Tian, Mengze Gao, Xiaoxue Zhou, Xu Hong, Hao Li, Huihui Li, Benliang Shi, Haotian Dong, Dianyun Wen, Wei Zhou, Aijing Liu,
Ding Gao & Xiurui Cui.

Chen Qing

Graduated: Sun Yat-sen University

Degree: English

“I gained a comprehensive understanding of the international thoroughbred industry through the training from the DITI programme. Working overseas with people of nine nationalities not only enhanced my cross-cultural communication skills, but also helped me to understand how horses connect people globally. It was an incredible life experience.”

Cui Xiurui

Graduated: Jilin University

Degree: Veterinary Medicine

“A life-changing program. “I come from a veterinary medicine background and being part of the DITI program allowed me to really become involved with the thoroughbred industry. This has been a life-changing experience for me. The internship has also brought me opportunities to study equine-related subjects further overseas. I look forward to assisting with the development of thoroughbred-related sports in China!”

Dong Haotian

Graduated: The University of Sheffield

Degree: Global Journalism (Master)

"One of most important values I have obtained from DITI is to be considerate and understanding.  The people I was working with are from different regions in China, different backgrounds and different countries.  Being more understanding made us good friends and enabled us to work as an excellent team."

Gao Mengze

Graduated: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Degree: Global Communication (Master)

"DITI has been such a memorable experience to me.  I have learnt a lot and I will always remember those happy days I spent on the farm with horses."

Guo Qinhua

Graduated: Xi'an International Study University

Degree: English

"DITI has made a great impact on my life.  It is not only about working with horses aboard, but also an amazing way to broaden one's horizon and learn more about the world!"

Hong Xu

Graduated: Sichuan University

Degree: English

“The DITI experience was great. I learned so much about the thoroughbred industry and was involved in many great events and famous races. Working in a multi-national company like Darley broadened my horizons and enabled me to work and learn from people from all over the world. It has been really rewarding.”