In the back row are: Wang Yujing, Wang Xueli, Xu Si Yang, Wei Xini, Cai Minqi, Sheikh Mohammed, Tong Xin, Zhong Xin, Zheng Yi,
Luo Shuangfeng, Huang Jie.

In the front row: Tam Man Hei, Yang Peng, Pang Bo, Zhuang Jingqian.

Zheng Yi

Graduated: University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Degree: Commerce

“Dubai Internships appealed to me because it provides such a great opportunity to gain insight into the best horse breeding and racing operation in the world – Darley. I strongly believe the experience I gain will be an asset to my career.”


Zhong Xin

Graduated: Fudan University, Shanghai

Degree: Law

“Before I joined the programme, I worked as a qualified lawyer in China. I had some experience of horse riding but it was my dream to one day breed horses which led me to apply for an Internship. Now, I can handle almost all the routine work with mares and foals and my ambition is to be one of the top lawyers in an equine-related business or the legal counsel for a global company involved with thoroughbreds.”

Zhuang Jingqian

Graduated: Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangdong

Degree: Business Administration

“My ambition is to be a leader in the thoroughbred industry in China. I would like to introduce the racing business to the domestic market, with a long-term goal of starting international racing partnerships. Attending Dubai Internships allows me to learn about all facets of the racing industry on a global scale.”