In the back row are: Wang Yujing, Wang Xueli, Xu Si Yang, Wei Xini, Cai Minqi, Sheikh Mohammed, Tong Xin, Zhong Xin, Zheng Yi,
Luo Shuangfeng, Huang Jie.

In the front row: Tam Man Hei, Yang Peng, Pang Bo, Zhuang Jingqian.

Wang Chao

Graduated: Nanjing Agricultural University

Degree: Veterinary Medicine

“I will never forget the excitement I felt when I saw almost a hundred horses running together during my two-month internship at Nanjing International Racehorse Station. At that moment, I knew I wanted to work with horses for the rest of my life.”

Wang Xueli

Graduated: Nanjing Agricultural University

Degree: Veterinary Medicine

“I have wanted to study in a foreign country since I was young and I cannot wait to become more knowledgeable and expand my horizons. China’s thoroughbred industry needs young people to get involved and I hope to bring back to my country the experience I gain from Dubai International Thoroughbred Internships.”

Wang Yujing

Graduated: Inner Mongolia University

Degree: Tourism Management

“I live on the Hulun Buir prairie in Inner Mongolia so, to me, loving horses is in my blood. I want to use my experiences with Dubai International Thoroughbred Internships to join the pioneers of China’s thoroughbred industry.”

Wei Xini

Graduated: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Degree: German Literature

“Horses first caught my eye at the Beijing Olympics where the equine disciplines were the only events in which men and women competed against each other on equal terms. This led me to a part-time job at a horsemanship club and I have fallen in love with this huge animal. The Internships programme provides the perfect opportunity to combine my dream of working with horses and seeing more of the world.”

Xu Si Yang

Graduated: Nanjing Agricultural University

Degree: Veterinary Medicine

“The horse industry is developing rapidly in China and there is a need for people who know how to care for horses. I chose my academic career both out of personal interest and a desire to develop the care and welfare of horses. There are many opportunities in the blossoming thoroughbred industry in China and, in the future, I hope to have my own business relating to this field.”

Yang Peng

Graduated: Peking University, Beijing

Degree: Library Science and Economics

“Until I joined Dubai Internships, I had not had any experience with horses. But I believe a new situation can stimulate one’s potential and now I am inspired about my future and the skills I can bring to the development of China’s thoroughbred industry.”