In the back row are: Wang Yujing, Wang Xueli, Xu Si Yang, Wei Xini, Cai Minqi, Sheikh Mohammed, Tong Xin, Zhong Xin, Zheng Yi,
Luo Shuangfeng, Huang Jie.

In the front row: Tam Man Hei, Yang Peng, Pang Bo, Zhuang Jingqian.

Cai Minqi

Graduated: Tongji University, Shanghai

Degree: Politics and Administration

“I applied for Dubai Internships because I wanted to experience the global environment and learn to communicate and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. The programme offered me a wonderful opportunity to broaden my perspectives and start thinking for myself.

I hope to co-found a company in the thoroughbred industry which will help clients to find superbly-bred horses. I would also like to be involved in the development of the laws and regulations surrounding the industry.”

Huang Jie

Graduated: China Agricultural University

Degree: Animal Science

“I love horses and I want to work with the best companies in this field. I aim to be involved in the development of the thoroughbred industry in China.”


Luo Shuangfeng

Graduated: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Degree: Art and Design

“The Chinese thoroughbred industry is still at an early stage in its evolution, but it has incredible potential. I believe this programme will give me the skills I need to participate in its exciting development.”

Pang Bo

Graduated: Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Curtin University

Degree: International Accounting

“I applied to Dubai International Thoroughbred Internships because it provides the opportunity to combine my passion for horses with my academic and cultural background and so develop a career path. In the future, I would like to focus on promoting industry best practices and equine education.”

Tam Man Hei

Graduated: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Degree: Biochemistry

“I have watched horse racing since I was 10 and want to learn more about the industry. I believe the programme will give me a comprehensive understanding which will enable me to contribute to the thoroughbred industry in Hong Kong and help the people there to enjoy world-class racing.”

Tong Xin

Graduated: Shanghai Normal University

Degree: Law

“For me, the programme combines several appealing factors – horses, England, business and Dubai. I hope to gain an insight into management operations, focusing on Darley’s business model. I also want to learn about, and understand the workings of, the global thoroughbred industry.”