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Sapporo Snow Festival – A Taste of Hokkaido Culture

Located in the north of Japan, Hokkaido is famous for its snow and ice in winter. Therefore, it is not surprising that a continuously growing number of visitors abroad are attracted to Hokkaido every year to enjoy the various winter activities. Among all the traditional winter events in Hokkaido, the snow festival is definitely the most well-known. Featuring the splendid snow and ice sculptures along the long street, the snow festival in Sapporo provides millions of visitors with a dreamland which is made up of crystal-like ice and white snow. On 5th February, we were very lucky to visit this festival, gaining a taste of Hokkaido culture.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

With the birth of the second foal at the Jonabell Farm, everyone was cheerful and gradually getting used to the new work routine, which involves mares in foal, barren mares, and the most joyful part, babies.

Darley, the way to work

I always appreciate that Darley provides such amazing systematical training, visits and lectures to us. In two short weeks, we have attended several stallion shows, the Tattersalls sale and visited Dodson & Horrell, a leading equine feed company.

Our second week in Dubai, and a trip to Meydan Racecourse

A living miracle, Dubai, developed from a small fishing village into one of the most modern cities in the Middle East. Even though we all knew it before we arrived in Dubai, this city still continuously shows how everything is so splendid and amazing.

A Busy Week in Tokyo

Our four-day stay in the world’s largest metropolitan area opened our eyes to the passion of horseracing and training in Japan, as well as gave us an unforgettable cultural experience.

Gallop Our Way to Success

“Gallop our way to success” is the slogan or the goal we team USA set when we started our journey in Kentucky. With the first semester finished, we have achieved so much as DITI interns. I believe in the next semester, we will keep up our good work and finally hit the finish line not only as individuals but also as a team.

Placement in Racing New South Wales

After working for three months on the Woodlands farm, we looked forward to our placement with Racing NSW. The previous three months has seen our knowledge grow.

A visit to Godolphin

From 10th November 2014, the UK team has had two busy weeks. All of the interns have relocated to different studs, met new staff, felt different working atmospheres, and have also had new work to do. Many of the foals have been sent to Ireland, boxes are being steam cleaned to get ready for the foaling season and all of us have gained more knowledge and skills of working with horses.