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Routine: Growing up with Foals

When we arrived in Japan, the farm had started to wean this year’s foals. Weaning is the process of separating a foal from the mare, usually around 4 to 6 months after the foal’s birth. The young horse will then continue to grow up with a group of similarly-aged foals.

UK Racing: from Tradition to Innovation

Recently, Team UK, who just arrived in the country a week ago, had the opportunity to attend one of the ‘Newmarket Nights’ race meetings at the July racecourse. These meetings are only held during the summer so we were quite lucky to be able to go as they will finish in couple of weeks.

Travelling Through Time – Horseracing in Newmarket

For Team Ireland, the two-week visit to Newmarket was like a time travel journey. We found ourselves amazed inside the glamorous Jockey Club Rooms where everything about horseracing began. The modern-day training facilities are equally impressive as we set our foot on Godolphin’s training grounds. Following the lifetime of some racehorses, we enjoyed a lovely stroll in Godolphin’s rehoming centre. From the lifetime of one horse to the history of horseracing, we had a taste of the past and present vibe of Newmarket and absolutely fell in love with the place.

Bits and bobs beyond the races – it’s not just about the running!

When people think of horse racing, they’d often think of top races with big prize money. But the horse industry is not just about the running on the racecourse. On this occasion, we’ll share with you our discoveries in the renowned newspaper dedicated to horseracing in UK, an agency responsible for the promotion of the Darley stallions and a recent technical application on horse training.

New visits in 2016

We started the New Year with a tour of some of the major farms and horse facilities in Kentucky.

The First Auction on the Gold Coast

Just after our Christmas break, we reunited back on the Gold Coast, which is the top vacation destination in Australia. In this beautiful costal city, we spent a few days at the famous Yearling Sale held by Magic Millions.