From stud to cities, our life in Australia

After finishing our horse handling course at TAFE, we started our practical work at Woodlands Farm, the main location where foals are born and raised. We have assisted with foaling and witnessed the amazing process of a foal growing up. We also bonded with the horses through our daily work.

Apart from working on the stud, Godolphin also arranged industry visits for the interns in the city. We spent three days at Racing NSW, receiving lectures from leaders of different departments, which we benefited from a lot.

The highlight of the visit was undoubtedly the third day, when we visited two racecourses. At Canterbury Park, we visited the international quarantine centre and learned about the retraining programme, while at Warwick Farm, we got to see ‘racing behind the scenes’.

We went to the barriers and saw racehorses charging out and we went to the top-floor room where the race caller sits and shared his excitement. But the most valuable experience was going into the stewards’ room and listening to an actual inquiry - a racing ‘court’. It was so serious that I hardly dared to breathe!

We were all impressed by the significance of welfare. Not only has Racing NSW paid a lot of attention to animal welfare, to protect and retrain the racehorses, but they also care about people, especially jockeys. After being introduced to a lot of ongoing programs such as injury benefits, re-employment and psychological consultations, we all wanted to work as a jockey!

In Melbourne, Team Australia watched ‘the race that stops a nation’, the Melbourne Cup. This was one of the most exciting races that we have ever seen. We felt the passion of the Australians as the crowd shouted their horses home.

We were lucky to meet DITI graduate Carrie there, who is now studying on the Godolphin Flying Start programme. She shared many experiences of this industry with us.

When we were staying in Melbourne, we toured the city centre. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery a lot. We also took the famous steam train and felt as though we were travelling back to many years ago.

Team Australia