A new semester

After the Christmas break, team Australia travelled to the Gold Coast to experience the Magic Millions Yearling Sale. The country’s top yearlings can be found at this sale, with some of them selling for more than a million Australian dollars.
Team Australia inspecting horses with last years graduate Yvonne

The Gold Coast is located in the state of Queensland. It is a beautiful coastal city with one of the most famous beaches in the world.

After team Australia arrived back from the sales, they moved from Woodlands (where the broodmares are kept) to Kelvinside, home to the Darley stallions in New South Wales. They transported their luggage by horse truck which was an unusual experience!

Kelvinside is not only a stud farm but also a yearling training base. Team Australia have now started their studies for the second semester. Besides the daily cleaning of the stables, they will learn how to teach the yearlings to accept control and a rider on their back.

Team Australia

Sales ring
Horses being unloaded